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081912 ThehistoryofrockportRockport's rich history dates back over 200 years when Scottish and Iris settlers first came to the area. In the 1880s, Rockport was an important steamboat building, transportaion and cord wood refueling center.

No individual was more important in the early development of Rockport than Charles W. Cornwall (1824-1907) who owned and operated the Rockport store as well as being a councilman for 20 years and a notary public even longer. He employed local Natives,farmers and labourers, ran telegraph and post offices and generally brought commerce and prosperity to Rockport. He owned much of the land surrounding the store, the point and the bay.

In 1891 he donated land that was once used to pasture cattle to build St. Brendan's Catholic Church. It was actually Charles' brother Andrew from Alexiandria Bay who started the store sometime in the 1830s. But it was Charles and his bride Mary who bought the bussiness from him in 1849 and made it the conerstone of village trade and commerce. Charles' second wife, Louise, continued to operate the store until her death in 1939. By that time Cornwall's had been on the point of Rockport for over a century.

In recognition of Charles W. Cornwall's contribution to Rockport, the Boathouse Tavren has been renamed Cornwall's Pub and the point in front of the pub has been named Cornwalls point.

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